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Welcome to the Tangled Garden Kitchen and Shop

... where herbs and fruits are transformed into gorgeous jellies and flavorful vinegars to enhance simply fare or gourmet meals.

Using the freshest herbs from our gardens and fruits from numerous farms in the fertile Annapolis Valley, we make our jams, jellies, chutney and mustard by hand in small batches.  Our goal is always to capture the brightest, most intense flavours in a jar or a bottle so beautiful you don’t want to open it.

Jewel-like jellies and festooning herbs greet your eyes when you enter the shop, while mouth-watering aromas waft from the kitchen beyond.  You’ll be invited to sample a range of jellies as well as cordials such as the non-alcoholic Elderflower, our 'summer-in-a-bottle'; festive Cranberry Rosemary or the ever popular and refreshing Lemon Thyme.  Pick up a Pepper Jelly or one of the newer addition to the ranks: Strawberry Rose Geranium, Ginger Lime Thyme, or Summer Currant Jelly.

Our liqueurs are also available for tasting. Infused with fruit and herbs, these unique and inviting elixirs add pazazz. Try a dash of Cassis Noir in sparkling water, a splash of Spirited Cuke in your martini, a slug of Dazzling Damson Plum on the rocks.

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