Tangled Garden and Labyrinth
Garden signs
Pond Structure - Tangled Garden, NS

Labyrinth, Tangled Garden, NS

When you visit us, make sure to stroll through the garden, take a few minutes to walk our wildflower labyrinth, or pause by the pond to reflect.

Tidy or tangled, the garden is open daily from May to December.

Tidy or tangled the garden is open from May - November (2018 dates to be posted soon)

Garden admission - $5.00
Season Garden Pass - $15.00

Tangled Garden is a Classical Seven-circuit with paths of clover and walls of flowers, approximately 80 feet diameter.

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Please see the Finding Us page for location and directions, as well as: Canada's Garden Route.

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Flower of Life Pattern


Korean Dogwood

Fairy Chairs

Fall Garden


Garden Jars - Tangled Garden, NS

Shed Veranda - Tangled Garden, NS

Lily Pond - Tangled Garden, NS

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Under the Pergola

Herb Gardens


Labyrinth - Tangled Garden, NS

In the Asters

Hollyhocks - Tangled Garden, NS



Garden View - Tangled Garden, NS

Basket of Lavender